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CREA Backpacks Spotted

Certain backpacks were spotted at this year’s “Dîner en blanc” in Paris. Can you recognize the wearers?

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The Last Supper

The CREA Red Shirts show us how to do a good supper:

RS_last supper

Last Supper

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Les créatifs de Créa créent

poemeLes créatifs français de CREA ont écrit plusieurs beaux poèmes a la station de Guy Aznard et Mathilde Sarré-Charrier, vendredi soir.

La forme était strictement limitée. Chaque poème était compris de quatre vers en style acrostiche avec C-R-E-A, et se terminent avec quatre mots donnés : amour, toujours, bonheur, et couleur. Les résultats sont sublimes, magnifiques, excellents, et multilingues ! 

Voici quelques exemples :

C‘est manger une pomme saturée d’amour
Rire comme une licorne qui vivrait toujours
Élémentaire Watson, tu cherches le bonheur
A l’aube du môle riche de couleur

~ ~ ~

Cornichon délirant, délaissé de l’amour
Repenti des frissons larmoyant de toujours
Éperdu de désir, oublié du bonheur
Ahuri, imbécile, bien pauvre de couleur

~ ~ ~

Cueillez sans peur les fleurs brûlantes de l’amour
Roses flétries, poireaux pourris, fleurissant toujours
Émerveillement, obscur, frissons délicieux du bonheur
Artichaut de mon cœur, choux-fleur éclairs de couleur

~ ~ ~

Chat botté cherche carrosse filant parfait amour
Rat sournois et dévoué se pare toujours
Eat and drink only alcohol to reach bonheur
At the early hour try to follow couleur

~ ~ ~

Ciel ! Couleur au lever, chaleur toujours au coucher, Amour !
Rien que pour voir tes yeux, oh ! jamais ou toujours,
Et rien que pour ton regard aquilin je renoncerais au bonheur
Artistes nous serions, créateurs de couleurs !
( Ce dernier exemple signé par Guillemette et Sylvain :-) )

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Filmpression of a Sharing Circle

I send you a small filmpression of my memories and above all, an ode to the concept sharing circle and an experience of gratitude to Jeanne who was the magic behind ours.

I loved the conference. A gift for life. — Simoon Fransen

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The Creative Process Revealed


Submitted by Ate Stam, Creative Genius-at-Large…

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Room with a View

A very Villa Balbi vista.

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Nettuno Enchantment

A photo of this year’s En-Chanted session, where we learned some songs to help opening the labyrinth this year. Thanks, Simoon!

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If I Had More Time

I had the privilege of working with Fabrizio Poli to design and facilitate a workshop this year titled: Making Time for Creativity. It’s a workshop about taking a new perspective on your relationship with time. It’s not about time management, although it might inspire some priorities and re-partitioning of how we spend our time. It’s a view on our experience with time, and being mindful of using it well, especially when it comes to being creative.
I did a different version of this program two years ago with Diane Houle Rutherford. It was a core program, which means it was a journey that lasted three days. This year, it’s one of the day-long Immersion programs.

While we borrowed a few gems from the earlier program, we quickly realized that designing this workshop wasn’t just about cutting it down from three days to one. And not even one day – if you add up the hours, it’s only 6-hours. We had to be very deliberate about what activities we chose, to maximize the time we had with our participants.

Our friends an co-leaders ribbed us a little. At the leader’s retreat and during the first days of CREA, we were spotted huddled in some corner working on details and refining our exercises. It felt like it actually took more time to prepare this shorter workshop. The reality is that to create a concise, compact program with impact, it took a lot more thinking.

This made me think of the French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal, to whom this quote is attributed:

Je n’ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parce que je n’ai pas eu le loisir de la faire plus courte.

which translates in English to:

I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.

Not that it was hard, spending so much time toiling over time with Fabrizio. We plunged into the topic and enjoyed working together thoroughly. But I was reminded that shorter might be sweeter, but it isn’t any less work.

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

The team of Red Shirts runs around all week supporting every activity that happens at CREA. They set up tables and move trash. They run flip-charts and projectors all around Sestri. As a leader, if you need paper, pens, props, pins, print-outs, puppets… pretty much anything to make your workshop come together, they either have it stored away in their corner office, or they know where to run and get it. The Red Shirts work hard behind the scenes – and it’s not always the funnest job – so that the rest of us can maximize our time facilitating or attending workshops.
It’s not just the regular stuff. You can imagine that once the facilitators arrive in Sestri, earlier in the week, and start putting the final details on our workshop agendas, new ideas emerge. Being face-to-face changes the planning dynamic. At the last minute, a newer, improved activity or exercise gets invented, but it requires materials that weren’t itemized on the original supply list that was submitted three weeks ago. So you have to ask for it.

I always ask gingerly. I know they’re super busy, over-tasked and running around like crazy. But here’s the trick: if you ask very nicely, and if you’re absolutely prepared to hear no… the answer is often yes.

Which is why there’s a mountain of boxes in the name-badge-making-room in the Villa Balbi. I think they’ve left me more boxes than I could ever need, which makes me more grateful than you could ever know.

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