Why come to CREA?

Posted by on March 19, 2011

Every year I do it.

I always swear that the next year I’ll take a break from it – despite the fact that I had a great time – just to do something different to feed my creativity. But every time April rolls around, I’m happy to be making my way to Sestri Levante. I steer clients to other dates, keeping my calendar free to attend. I organize and pack up the whole family, negotiating school spring-break schedules (sometimes unsuccessfully but coming anyway). It’s like there’s a magnet on the Ligurian coast, pulling me close. I can’t really imagine being anyplace else mid-April but at the CREA conference. It’s a ritual.

I come for the ideas. Ideas that come when open-minded people talk to each other, ideas that explode from connections we make in even the simplest conversations. I come for new things to fill my tool bag: an activity or a technique that I can use in my work or to enhance my own personal creativity. I come to meet new people who will help me think differently. I come to reunite with people, who, like me, come back, year after year to connect with the CREA community. I come for the food. The Villa-Balbi restaurant does not disappoint, and its old-world atmosphere only enhances the elegance of its fare. I come for the sea view, for the beauty of what is visible just by looking out the window and across the road, a simple reminder of the brilliance of nature’s creativity.

I come because the CREA experience is a full-bodied one, with a broad range of ways to experience creativity: theories and processes, philosophies, practical tools and techniques, a chance for hands-on practice in an environment where it’s safe to try new things, sessions and people that open my heart as well as my mind. CREA is where I get to plug in every year, to recharge my creative battery and strengthen my links to people of like mind and spirit. That’s why I come back, year after year.

Will you come to CREA this year?

One Response to Why come to CREA?

  1. leveque

    I’m coming to meet other people creating, to exchange about methods they are using , to learn about how to manage new ideas (cf workshop), and to speak with europeans !