Back and Forth

Posted by on April 17, 2011

For the 7th time in the last 8 years I am sitting in my living room, trying to balance the need to get back to reality with another need, equally powerful, to treasure and remember the many special moments this conference gifted me.

As usual, I have come back home a different man, and the reason is very simple I think: for a program leader like me, CREA is a week-long mind and soul workout, a place where you stretch your synapses and then try to soothe them with some good wine at dinner. But despite the wine, my neurons hurt like hell now and the only remedy is probably an early night – for a change.

Change was this year’s conference theme, a very logical one for a creativity conference, in a way, but the way I interpret it is maybe a little unconventional: change is often associated with some progress, but in my case it’s more a case of regress. Working with my friend Roberto, my partner in the core program we led, the wonderful people we had the privilege of facilitating for days, and going through several powerful experiences (including my first one as a playback theatre actor) I managed to find my inner clown again, an old friend I had locked in a cellar a couple of years ago. He was still sitting on the floor, his juggling tools looking dusty and useless, and all this time he’d been waiting for someone to free him.

Thank you to all those friends who helped me pull that door open.

(by Andrea Montuschi)

2 Responses to Back and Forth

  1. Delphine

    welcome back mister clown ! happy to see you again…

  2. Alessandro Barbero

    Grande Andrea. Tu e Roberto siete stati eccezionali! Sono proprio contento di aver scelto il vostro core program e ringrazio anche mia sorella Laura per avermelo consigliato. Penso però che senza l’affiatamento che fin dal primo giorno animava tutto il gruppo, nonostante solo per il 50% fosse composto da colleghi di lavoro che già si conoscevano, non si sarebbe mai creata quell’empatia che oggi mi fa sentire tantissimo la vostra mancanza. Come ho anche detto a mia sorella questa per me è stata la miglior CREA Conference a cui abbia partecipato dal 2004. Un abbraccio a tutti quanti e continuiamo a tenerci in contatto.
    P.S: al più presto vi invierò qualche foto.