Come Again

Posted by on April 17, 2011

In which core program could you experience three times an insight with maximum impact in just one day? That only can happen in “Look Again.” The closing day gave the three leaders each a last opportunity to let me see again new things in situations that I thought I knew completely.

Franca invited us to consider a significant moment and guided us to translate it into a poem. Matteo went back to ancient times and let me dig as an archaeologist searching for treasures in my current life. The labyrinth worked again perfectly. And finally Tim even let me change my past. Which I thought was impossible. Again, the impact was big.

Thanks for so much new techniques, insights and energy. Next year will be a special edition. Ten years of CREA. I know there will be great fireworks. So it’s absolutely clear that I‘m looking forward to see everybody again in one year.

(by Jeroen van der Weide)

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