Tree through the Roof

Posted by on April 21, 2012

Besides the more-than-wonderful food the restaurant of Villa Balbi surprises us with every day, there is another curious thing that people will remember.

Inside of the restaurant grows a tree. “What is so special about that,” you may say. I can put a little tree in a pot and let it grow. No way! What we are talking about is a tree tree. I mean a really big tree. So big that the roof is no obstacle.

The owners of Villa Balbi in the past had such respect for the tree that they built the roof around it.

Great insight for creative thinking, I would say. From the outside, the tree catches sun and rain to grow, leaving his big feet inside.

So you take something from the outside to use on the inside.

Now isn’t that the explanation of the word creativity?

Don’t you ever say again that a tree is not creative…

(by Sjra Puts)

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