Here Be Monsters (and we like it!)

Posted by on April 22, 2012

This post was originally posted 3 days ago… see the bottom for the update!

Imagine you are at sea in the days of Columbus. The maritime maps were not completely filled in properly. And if the mapmaker wasn’t sure about an area, he drew a sea monster in that part. The captain knew then it was an unknown territory.

Tim and Matteo, our navigators in the program Leadershift, asked us to turn the rudder and head to unknown areas. They did it very gently. Step by step we approached this domain. Tim helped us “atomize” the key components of leadership. And Matteo gave us a feedback radar to feel more secure. Before we actually realised, we entered this area of the unknown.

The rest of this morning we used to express and exchange our wonders about how this new discovered parts of the world look like. A fantastic first step in our journey. Hope to tell you more later on.

(by Jeroen van der Weide)

UPDATE: Mission Impossible Completed
We headed to unknown areas. Warriors at open sea hunting for monsters. Diving into unprecedented depths. Researching the black holes of our own shadows. Yes, we found some answers, but more important was the collective exploration of the unknown. Thanks to Matteo and Tim for the perfect balance between leadership and followship. It was a wonderful journey.

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