What is the CREA Conference?


CREA Conference is one of the major international conferences on creativity, innovation and leadership. It is organised by Eventi Creativi for CREA Italia, a non-profit association based in Milan, Italy. Every April, since 2003, CREA offers a week of innovative programs and workshops to a international crowd of participants, coming from countries all over Europe – and beyond. All this in beautiful Grand Hotel Villa Balbi is the perfect setting for a unique mix of people, cultures and ideas to stimulate your creative thinking.

How does the CREA Conference explore the deliberate use of creativity?
Participants can learn the latest models and theories in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving, along with new tools and techniques for applying them to daily life and work. The variety of shorter 90-minute workshops (Expos) gives participants a chance to customize their learning throughout the conference. There are plenty of other things to do, like the labyrinth, bio-dancing, drumming, yoga, free-writing, meditation and all sorts of artistic activities, augmenting the overall creative experience.

The result?
Feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and revitalized! Oxygen to your brain!

For more information, please check www.creaconference.com.