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The Last Supper

The CREA Red Shirts show us how to do a good supper:

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Room with a View

A very Villa Balbi vista.

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If I Had More Time

I had the privilege of working with Fabrizio Poli to design and facilitate a workshop this year titled: Making Time for Creativity. It’s a workshop about taking a new perspective on your relationship with time. It’s not about time management, although it might inspire some priorities and re-partitioning of how we spend our time. It’s &hellip Continue reading »

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

The team of Red Shirts runs around all week supporting every activity that happens at CREA. They set up tables and move trash. They run flip-charts and projectors all around Sestri. As a leader, if you need paper, pens, props, pins, print-outs, puppets… pretty much anything to make your workshop come together, they either have &hellip Continue reading »

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Balancing Time

The process is not easy. You have to find a solid base rock and then as you try to balance a rock upon it, turning it, slowly, sensing, adjusting, to bring it to balance. It’s something you can actually feel, in that moment just before you make it happen, like you’ve found the lock that puts the stone in alignment. In order to get the rock to stand still, we have to be still, too, inside and out. Continue reading »

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Red Carpet

They’re rolling it out. Welcome to CREA.

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Why Not?

The question “Why not?” has a lot of power. A good portion of the creative process involves deferring judgment, at least temporarily, and evaluating ideas based on their positive impact before delving into and all the reasons they won’t work. “Why not?” assumes best possible potential. “Why not?” implies being open minded. “Why not?” invites a bit of risk, another critical component to creativity. Continue reading »

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When the Rain Comes

What’s good about the rain?

Inside you get to rub elbows with more of the CREA participants. Those long late afternoon walks along the beach are nice enough, but so is a cozy conversation in a high back chair in the warmth of the hotel lobby. When the skies are gray outside, the interior of the Villa Valbi is grander, its colored decor filled with light and warmth. The rhythmic sound of the rain outside soothes the mind bursting-at-the-seams with new theories, tools and ideas. Continue reading »

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It’s You, for Whom the Bell Tolls

Now is as good a time as any to register for what promises to be a really exciting event, the 10th CREA conference, coming up this April 18-22, 2012! Paolo Sbuttoni makes a case for why you should come to CREA! Continue reading »

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What Did You Take Away?

we’re interested in hearing more about what happened for you at CREA. What was your experience in the Core Programs, or at the Expos? What was the most intruiging or provoking content you encountered? Which exercises helped you absorb better what you were learning and why? What will you do differently as a result of the things you learned and the time you spent at CREA this year? Continue reading »

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