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Where’s Patrizia?

I have been to CREA Conference for 11 years in a row. I was at the first meeting, and have worked at the conference in various capacities since. This year I chose to have a break and not go. I thought I’d have my April back. No pre-planning sessions and events; long trips to Italy &hellip Continue reading »

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The Half-Remembered Face

There’s that moment — sometime near the beginning of the conference, you are walking past a group of people you don’t know, and a face catches your eye. Or perhaps you are sitting in the lobby and a stranger comes toward you, but the face is a little familiar. And there is that moment when &hellip Continue reading »

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The Grand Villa Balbi, home to CREA

The CREA conference is an amazing week of experiences. You stretch your thinking, test your courage, open your heart, and tickle all your senses. Part of what makes it so special is the setting: the Grand Villa Balbi hotel. We’re fortunate to have found this venue, it’s a perfect setting for the CREA conference. Continue reading »

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Why come to CREA?

Every year I do it. I always swear that the next year I’ll take a break from it – despite the fact that I had a great time – just to do something different to feed my creativity. But every time April rolls around, I’m happy to be making my way to Sestri Levante. I &hellip Continue reading »

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