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Perché venire a CREA?

A tutti noi è capitato qualcosa di inaspettato. Come un senso di inspiegabile eppure vero.
Questo succede a CREA: un senso di apertura, di nuove possibilità, altri modi di lavorare, di esprimersi, di stare insieme, di condividere ed apprendere. Continue reading »

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“Brutti ma Buoni”

Just before CREA, I came across a cafe that offered an assortment of baked goods in a glass case. I noted that one little pile of meringues of utterly undistinguished appearance had an intriguing name: BRUTTI MA BUONI, i.e., “ugly but good”. Intrigued, I bought half a dozen — and they were in fact very &hellip Continue reading »

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90 Minute Magic

When I started my trip to Sestri Levante this year, I didn’t take the, for me, usual way of travelling. Instead of coming by car from the Netherlands I chose, due to the lack of time, for taking the airplane. The first part of my trip took 90 minutes from home to Cologne airport. Than &hellip Continue reading »

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Positive cup from CREA

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Back and Forth

As usual, I have come back home a different man, and the reason is very simple I think: for a program leader like me, CREA is a week-long mind and soul workout, a place where you stretch your synapses and then try to soothe them with some good wine at dinner. But despite the wine, my neurons hurt like hell now and the only remedy is probably an early night – for a change. Continue reading »

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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm shifts? Right. That’s the transformation that people go through when they first get to know the creative process; they acquire a totally new insight in how to approach challenges and problems. Continue reading »

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All change please! All change!

The theme for this year’s CREA, as we all know, is “change.” And this has resonated with my experience in the last few days. This is my third CREA, but my first as a ‘Red-Shirt’ working on the logistics team. I have seen CREA from the outside in, and now I have the opportunity to see it from the inside out. Continue reading »

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