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Taking CREA Home

by Erik op ten Berg The week after CREA I was asked to conduct a training on Creative Climate for an Advanced Course in Creative Thinking. I decided to apply a new tool we had presented in our Developing Ideas program. We worked with the finger painting to diverge our “thinking”, with the dance between &hellip Continue reading »

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1 buffet, 16 meals / repas / pasti / maaltijden

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Déséquilibre créatif ?

Aujourd’hui, j’ai lu un billet intéressant à propos d’équilibre et de déséquilibre créatif. Mike Brown y fait le parallèle entre la recherche d’équilibre entre les flux entrants et les flux sortants dans les transports et le fait qu’en créativité, il est important aussi d’être attentif à son équilibre de flux entrant de stimuli créatifs et &hellip Continue reading »

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Deferring Judgment

It takes a lot of energy to have an opinion – positive or negative – and the energy freed up by staying in neutral place and accepting different ideas and methods without pronouncing them right or wrong, or good or bad, is rather liberating. That was my experience during my first encounter with creative process. I’m reminded of this notion each time I come to CREA.
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