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CREA: the best brain camp!

Come to CREA, your brain is going to love it! Continue reading »

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CREA: le clubmed du cerveau!

Viens à CREA, ton cerveau va adorer! Continue reading »

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Rejoindre, se retrouver, se toucher … à Créa

L’hiver il fait gris dans les villes, on nage dans le brouillard que l’on coupe au couteau. Pleure pas : l’Avril va revenir, on repartira pour Sestri ! Continue reading »

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Why Come to CREA?

To share your experience, to immerse yourself in creativity and give your (personal and professional) life a boost, and also to…
Continue reading »

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Pourquoi venir à Créa

Pour partager des expériences, pour s’immerger dans la créativité, pour booster sa propre vie (personnelle et professionnelle) mais aussi…pour… Continue reading »

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Why come to CREA?

CREA is a path which can only be discovered going through it. Freeing our passions without judgments and prejudices. Imagine projects, ideas and visions for a real change of pace, towards new expressions. Willing to make our lives the masterpiece we deserve. Continue reading »

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Perché venire a CREA?

A tutti noi è capitato qualcosa di inaspettato. Come un senso di inspiegabile eppure vero.
Questo succede a CREA: un senso di apertura, di nuove possibilità, altri modi di lavorare, di esprimersi, di stare insieme, di condividere ed apprendere. Continue reading »

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The Half-Remembered Face

There’s that moment — sometime near the beginning of the conference, you are walking past a group of people you don’t know, and a face catches your eye. Or perhaps you are sitting in the lobby and a stranger comes toward you, but the face is a little familiar. And there is that moment when &hellip Continue reading »

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“Brutti ma Buoni”

Just before CREA, I came across a cafe that offered an assortment of baked goods in a glass case. I noted that one little pile of meringues of utterly undistinguished appearance had an intriguing name: BRUTTI MA BUONI, i.e., “ugly but good”. Intrigued, I bought half a dozen — and they were in fact very &hellip Continue reading »

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Buona notte! Bon nuit! Good night! Goedenacht!

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