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2013 CREA Experience in Photo

Photo montage by/de/di Rossana Barbati and/et/e Michael Maneia

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Here Be Monsters (and we like it!)

This post was originally posted 3 days ago… see the bottom for the update! Imagine you are at sea in the days of Columbus. The maritime maps were not completely filled in properly. And if the mapmaker wasn’t sure about an area, he drew a sea monster in that part. The captain knew then it &hellip Continue reading »

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Red Shirt (grey hair?)

The CREA Red-Shirts are the team who facilitate the facilitators and the conference as a whole; in other words they are responsible for equipment, supplies, set-up, take-down, and all logistical challenges that arise over the course of the conference. The CREA Red-Shirts are the most famously busy people on the planet, but this morning one &hellip Continue reading »

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Bill Grogan’s Goat

From a distance, it’s easier to be objective than when one is there, managing multiple priorities. Some objective conclusions: CREA is The Place to be, in any weather. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it … Continue reading »

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Man, we’re noisy!

The organizers of CREA try to demonstrate their appreciation for the leaders’ time and energy in many ways. This year, each leader was given a gift of an instrument or some kind of noise-making device. These are handy for using during workshops to get participants’ attention or change roles in a timed exercise, or just to play around with for fun. Continue reading »

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Leaders at Work

These few days ramping up to the kick-off of the CREA conference have been busy ones. By now, most of the leaders have arrived; you’ll find them huddled in clusters around the hotel grounds, scheming and planning, fine-tuning their program agendas. The Red-Shirts’ gate has quickened – as we move closer to Wednesdays’ start, their urgency increases. You can feel the buzz in the Villa Balbi lobby. Things are on their way to getting started. Continue reading »

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