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If I Had More Time

I had the privilege of working with Fabrizio Poli to design and facilitate a workshop this year titled: Making Time for Creativity. It’s a workshop about taking a new perspective on your relationship with time. It’s not about time management, although it might inspire some priorities and re-partitioning of how we spend our time. It’s &hellip Continue reading »

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

The team of Red Shirts runs around all week supporting every activity that happens at CREA. They set up tables and move trash. They run flip-charts and projectors all around Sestri. As a leader, if you need paper, pens, props, pins, print-outs, puppets… pretty much anything to make your workshop come together, they either have &hellip Continue reading »

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For the First Time (Again)

If you’re a CREA expert, take time to go on a walk with a newbie. And if you’re a CREA newbie, take pity on your “expert” friends and invite them to show you the wonders of the town: because they will be showing themselves, once again. Continue reading »

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Rejoindre, se retrouver, se toucher … à Créa

L’hiver il fait gris dans les villes, on nage dans le brouillard que l’on coupe au couteau. Pleure pas : l’Avril va revenir, on repartira pour Sestri ! Continue reading »

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CREA Kids Sound Bite

This year CREA Kids had a song! It was written in English, with grand designs on translations into French and Italian that have not yet really gelled. However here are the words: We are the CREA kids We think that you’ll Find out that CREA is More fun than school When we solve problems We &hellip Continue reading »

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1 buffet, 16 meals / repas / pasti / maaltijden

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The Half-Remembered Face

There’s that moment — sometime near the beginning of the conference, you are walking past a group of people you don’t know, and a face catches your eye. Or perhaps you are sitting in the lobby and a stranger comes toward you, but the face is a little familiar. And there is that moment when &hellip Continue reading »

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“Brutti ma Buoni”

Just before CREA, I came across a cafe that offered an assortment of baked goods in a glass case. I noted that one little pile of meringues of utterly undistinguished appearance had an intriguing name: BRUTTI MA BUONI, i.e., “ugly but good”. Intrigued, I bought half a dozen — and they were in fact very &hellip Continue reading »

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90 Minute Magic

When I started my trip to Sestri Levante this year, I didn’t take the, for me, usual way of travelling. Instead of coming by car from the Netherlands I chose, due to the lack of time, for taking the airplane. The first part of my trip took 90 minutes from home to Cologne airport. Than &hellip Continue reading »

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Why Not?

The question “Why not?” has a lot of power. A good portion of the creative process involves deferring judgment, at least temporarily, and evaluating ideas based on their positive impact before delving into and all the reasons they won’t work. “Why not?” assumes best possible potential. “Why not?” implies being open minded. “Why not?” invites a bit of risk, another critical component to creativity. Continue reading »

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