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The Little Train of CREA

This year participants new and returning enjoyed a tour of the picturesque town of Sestri Levante by the town train! From Villa Balbi, through the town and along the Baia delle Favole (Bay of Fairytales) the guides, Valerie and Patrizia, educated participants about all the major venues for the conference along with some scenic extras. &hellip Continue reading »

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Opening – Family Crest Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the Family Crests made during the Opening on Wednesday – you can find more on the CREA Experience Picasa Web Album. The photos published in Picasa are not public, only the users with link have access to it but if you DO NOT want to appear in the album, &hellip Continue reading »

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Red Carpet

They’re rolling it out. Welcome to CREA.

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Se plonger dans l’ambiance

J’arrive toujours un peu avance à CREA Conference mais cela faisait longtemps que je n’étais pas arrivée à Sestri Levante un lundi… J’aime particulièrement cette atmosphère feutrée où la frénésie de la Conférence n’est pas encore palpable, où la pression monte doucement. Le labyrinthe se construit, la déco se met en place et cette année &hellip Continue reading »

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A Good Start is Half the Work

And one thing is already clear to me now. More than ever before, I’m going to plead for more time for a good start. How often is a session dominated by time pressure? Yet the results of a session will never be achieved with the ticking of the clock. Continue reading »

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Morning Stretch

One the things that you hear often at CREA is the bit about stretching yourself: taking a risk, trying something you haven’t tried before, pressing yourself just outside the boundary of your comfort zone in order to grow. It’s true that CREA is a great environment to try new things; here you’ll be supported rather than ridiculed so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the open-minded environment. Continue reading »

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Merci Red Shirts, de la part des Leaders

Le grand moment, pour moi, de cette réunion des leaders (je n’en suis qu’à ma deuxième), c’est lorsque les Red Shirts, les personnes en charge de la logistique pour nous viennent s’adresser à nous. Ils trouvent toujours un moyen à la fois drôle, tendre, poétique, provocateur, de nous dire qu’ils sont à notre service, mais que nous devons faire attention à eux. Continue reading »

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Leaders at Work

These few days ramping up to the kick-off of the CREA conference have been busy ones. By now, most of the leaders have arrived; you’ll find them huddled in clusters around the hotel grounds, scheming and planning, fine-tuning their program agendas. The Red-Shirts’ gate has quickened – as we move closer to Wednesdays’ start, their urgency increases. You can feel the buzz in the Villa Balbi lobby. Things are on their way to getting started. Continue reading »

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What to Pack for CREA?

The suitcases are out, and open, and waiting to be filled. I stand before them, as always a bit daunted by the task of putting everything together for a family trip. What to pack? What to pack for CREA? Continue reading »

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The Birth of CREA

From my point of view – back then – the way this “meeting” was run was madness! Instead of the detailed agenda, Powerpoint slides and the calm even-toned discussions that I was expecting, the day was full of drawing, performing, cheering, clapping and hugging. Someone would start a sentence in English, someone else would reply in French, while a third would add something in Italian. I remember thinking, “How will this day ever result in anything tangible and practical?” Continue reading »

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