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Positive Confusion

Massimo described the CREA experience as different kind of conference because of the way the leaders and participants engage with him and his staff. “Other meetings are more classic and the people usually come in to eat and treat us like we are just serving them,” he said, “at CREA, the people treat us like we’re family and friends.”
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The First Lady of CREA

Sophie is the first face of CREA. Once you’ve signed up, you hear from her. If you have questions, she knows she has to respond immediately – while your questions are burning and so you have what you need to make decisions. “The goal is to make everything soft,” she says, “I want people to feel that CREA is a no problem conference.” Continue reading »

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What can I get you?

There are many familiar faces at the Villa Babli hotel, but this one – Leonardo, the charismatic barman – is one that entertains and quenches our thirst every evening at the Villa Balbi bar… Continue reading »

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