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Why come to CREA?

CREA is a path which can only be discovered going through it. Freeing our passions without judgments and prejudices. Imagine projects, ideas and visions for a real change of pace, towards new expressions. Willing to make our lives the masterpiece we deserve. Continue reading »

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Sur le Core Program « Avant / Après »

Ce que j’attendais le plus en venant à Sestri, au fond, c’était trois choses : un grand moment d’ouverture d’esprit, une source de diversité et aussi une piqûre de rappel du vaccin « créativité inside», brevet de Créa Conférence. Continue reading »

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Come Again

In which core program could you experience three times an insight with maximum impact in just one day? Continue reading »

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A Good Start is Half the Work

And one thing is already clear to me now. More than ever before, I’m going to plead for more time for a good start. How often is a session dominated by time pressure? Yet the results of a session will never be achieved with the ticking of the clock. Continue reading »

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Laying the Labyrinth

Based on the famous one found at Chartres Cathedral, the labyrinth has become a touchstone of the CREA experience. It’s a quiet space that offers solace in the middle of a fairly noisy, rowdy conference. You can use the labyrinth for problem solving, stepping through the pathway of stones with a question in mind. It’s a sort of active meditation that brings you to insights and possible solutions. You can “walk the labyrinth” alone, or with a partner. It’s one of many experiences available to CREA participants who are open to trying all kinds of tools that invite creative inspiration. Continue reading »

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