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Jumping in Heart First

CREA’s enduring gift is as a place of discovery — in sessions, at the dinner table, on the beach, at the labyrinth, in the bar. And CREA’s essential magic is that almost every one of these discoveries comes from seeing for the first time something that was always there. Continue reading »

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Il Pranzo di CREA

with love, from Laura Barbero Switalski Continue reading »

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écriture libre

Laisser la bille glisser sur la page, laisser les mots surgir, en laisser s’évaporer dans les airs… avoir le plaisir “for your eyes only” de poser ses pensées, ses émotions, ses sensations… Comme Dumbledore pose dans sa pensine les images qu’il a dans sa tête pour mieux les revisiter plus tard, nous avons grâce à notre professeur en magie pensiniesque, posé nos images sur notre cahier. Continue reading »

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What’s the Magic?

Of course there are the tremendous creativity programs, with the best leaders. It’s also magic, for sure, that all the participants come from all corners of the world and yet everyone can understand each other because there is one collective language: the language of creativity. Continue reading »

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