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Morning After

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CREA Tip: Unplug Your Brain

It may seem counterintuitive, but even if your objective here is to feed your brain with new ideas, techniques, perspectives, and even friends, you need to unplug it for a while every day. At CREA our brains can be like little children in a candy store: More! More! More! The results of complete indulgence are not good. Continue reading »

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Quand je regarde autour de moi

je vois une armée de stylos au garde à vous qui écrivent, écrivent, écrivent. On dirait un corps de ballet. Ils font un petit bruit délicat en glissant sur la feuille, comme les chaussons des ballerines sur le plateau de l’opéra. Mon stylo lui aussi fait partie du ballet, il danse avec les autres. Il &hellip Continue reading »

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Morning Stretch

One the things that you hear often at CREA is the bit about stretching yourself: taking a risk, trying something you haven’t tried before, pressing yourself just outside the boundary of your comfort zone in order to grow. It’s true that CREA is a great environment to try new things; here you’ll be supported rather than ridiculed so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the open-minded environment. Continue reading »

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Writing the Circus

We’ll be creating first drafts that are for your eyes only. You don’t have to share them with anyone unless you choose. However, if it turns out that you rather like what comes out of that writing exercise, and it somehow conveys something about your CREA experience, I’ll invite you to send it to me by email and I’ll take care of posting it on the blog.

I have a beautiful example. At yesterday’s session, Liz Monroe-Cook wrote these lovely words, and she sent them to me today: Continue reading »

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The Race for Focaccia

But, you would be advised to move swiftly toward the Villa Balbi dining room if you want the delicacy that every CREA petit-dejeuner covets: the morning focaccia. This basket (look for it behind the juices) is one that is filled and emptied and filled and emptied all through the morning. Yesterday, I arrived too late. The focaccia was finita. Continue reading »

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