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CREA Kids Sound Bite

This year CREA Kids had a song! It was written in English, with grand designs on translations into French and Italian that have not yet really gelled. However here are the words: We are the CREA kids We think that you’ll Find out that CREA is More fun than school When we solve problems We &hellip Continue reading »

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Post Thoughts

Post is a Post-it….how many Post-its did we use at CREA? Then Post is also after, après, dopo. Dopo Après: After this exciting and creative week, SOLO un giorno dopo , déjà un jour après, only one day after and I miss CREA: all the participants, events, crazy unpredictable things to do. (…though not necessary &hellip Continue reading »

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Man, we’re noisy!

The organizers of CREA try to demonstrate their appreciation for the leaders’ time and energy in many ways. This year, each leader was given a gift of an instrument or some kind of noise-making device. These are handy for using during workshops to get participants’ attention or change roles in a timed exercise, or just to play around with for fun. Continue reading »

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