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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

The team of Red Shirts runs around all week supporting every activity that happens at CREA. They set up tables and move trash. They run flip-charts and projectors all around Sestri. As a leader, if you need paper, pens, props, pins, print-outs, puppets… pretty much anything to make your workshop come together, they either have &hellip Continue reading »

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Last Night // Dernier soir // L’ultima sera

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Simple, Calm, Elegant

I wish all the participants, the facilitators and presenters, red shirts, Sophie and the staff a simple and calm conference. And most of all a very elegant opening for CREA Conference 2013. Signed, One of the Three

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Red Shirt (grey hair?)

The CREA Red-Shirts are the team who facilitate the facilitators and the conference as a whole; in other words they are responsible for equipment, supplies, set-up, take-down, and all logistical challenges that arise over the course of the conference. The CREA Red-Shirts are the most famously busy people on the planet, but this morning one &hellip Continue reading »

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Preparing the Opening

…and yes, squeaky voices were definitely to be heard while this was being set up…

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View from the Lobby

This team of people had to work together and they had to rely on each other. Each Red-Shirt had designated responsibilities, to cover a location or a particular programs – but when something needed attention, they rallied to do whatever was needed, wherever it was needed. I never once heard, “that’s not my responsibility,” or “he was supposed to do that.” The standard response was “okay, what do I need to do?” Continue reading »

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Rogue Nap

Of course the Red-Shirts, after a long day of running around attending to conference logistics, go home and go to bed before midnight. Don’t they? Continue reading »

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All change please! All change!

The theme for this year’s CREA, as we all know, is “change.” And this has resonated with my experience in the last few days. This is my third CREA, but my first as a ‘Red-Shirt’ working on the logistics team. I have seen CREA from the outside in, and now I have the opportunity to see it from the inside out. Continue reading »

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While You’re in Sessions

Just a peek at what goes on while all the CREA participants are in their workshops. When the Red-Shirts aren’t taking care of you, they’re taking care of each other. Continue reading »

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