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For the First Time (Again)

If you’re a CREA expert, take time to go on a walk with a newbie. And if you’re a CREA newbie, take pity on your “expert” friends and invite them to show you the wonders of the town: because they will be showing themselves, once again. Continue reading »

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CREA Tip: The Long, Beautiful Walk

If you go to a program in Convento, Hotel Due Mari, or Cambiaso, you are so lucky! These locations are about 15 minutes away from Villa Balbi. In other words, you get to prepare for your session with a walk along the Viale Remembranze, through the church square and along Baia del Silenzio. What better preparation? Plus you get to integrate your session experience with the reverse walk back to lunch, bed, the bar, or wherever you’re headed. Continue reading »

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The Last Sunset

It was beautiful. Continue reading »

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Benvenuti all’Esperienza CREA

Ogni anno in aprile la città di Sestri Levante accoglie una comunità internazionale di persone che si ritrovano a celebrare insieme creatività e innovazione condividendo le proprie conoscenze e competenze nel campo. CREA Conference viene così a costituire un’esperienza unica, fatta di storie che s’intrecciano in un laboratorio multiculturale dove la comunicazione creativa trascende le &hellip Continue reading »

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Bienvenue !

Bienvenue aux lecteurs de CREA Experience ! Sestri Levante, superbe station balnéaire de Ligurie en Italie, accueille tous les ans en avril CREA Conference, une conférence sur la créativité et plus spécifiquement le Creative Problem Solving. Toute une communauté d’experts, de consultants et de curieux se rassemble pour se former à de nouvelles techniques de &hellip Continue reading »

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Warm Welcome!

Welcome to the CREA experience. Every April, several hundred people converge on the small Mediterranean village of Sestri Levante, taking over the old-world hotel of the Villa-Balbi in order to exchange their creative stories, and to expand their knowledge and awareness about creativity and innovation. The aim of this blog is to document the experiences &hellip Continue reading »

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